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1. Of or like twilight; dim: "the period's crepuscular charm and a waning of the intense francophilia that used to shape the art market" (Wall Street Journal).
a. Active primarily at dawn or dusk or both. Used of animals.
b. Occurring at dawn or dusk or both: crepuscular foraging; a crepuscular stroll through the park.


(krɪˈpʌskjʊlə) or


1. of or like twilight; dim
2. (Zoology) (of certain insects, birds, and other animals) active at twilight or just before dawn
[C17: from Latin crepusculum dusk, from creper dark]


(krɪˈpʌs kyə lər)

1. of or resembling twilight; dim.
2. active in the twilight, as certain insects.
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Adj.1.crepuscular - like twilight; dim; "the evening's crepuscular charm"
dark - devoid of or deficient in light or brightness; shadowed or black; "sitting in a dark corner"; "a dark day"; "dark shadows"; "dark as the inside of a black cat"


[krɪˈpʌskjʊləʳ] ADJ (liter) → crepuscular


[krɪˈpʌskjʊr] adj (literary)crépusculaire


adj (liter)dämmerig; crepuscular animals (Zool) → Dämmerungstiere pl
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After many years, on looking back from the middle turn of life's way at the events of the past, which, like a friendly crowd, seem to gaze sadly after us hastening towards the Cimmerian shore, we may see here and there, in the gray throng, some figure glowing with a faint radiance, as though it had caught all the light of our already crepuscular sky.
Then he could, as seemed to him, most intimately wander and wait, linger and listen, feel his fine attention, never in his life before so fine, on the pulse of the great vague place: he preferred the lampless hour and only wished he might have prolonged each day the deep crepuscular spell.
Like all titles of this natural educational series, "Night Creepers" ends with a section called For Creative Minds which offers further teaching activities for use in a classroom or at home, including sorting, diurnal, crepuscular and nocturnal animal activities, animal activities, and a matching game called Match the Eyes.
Literariamente hablando, Mexico continuo con su tono crepuscular (Pedro HenriquezUrena dixit) y salvo algunos autores como Sergio Mondragon, Jaime Sabines, Eduardo Lizalde y Orlando Guillen, no hubo pretensiones de vanguardia o de adecuacion de los contenidos versiculares.
There are no bad moves here, but a couple of highlights are the witty swing of No Moon At All and the crepuscular bossa that is Night And Day.
The word crepuscular describes things relating to which time of day?
David Fraser's crepuscular lighting reinforced the grimness.
For every species with 10 or more independent events ([greater than or equal to] 10), as well as those with between 5 and 10 independent events, and in any IUCN category of risk, we recorded their activity patterns whether crepuscular, diurnal or nocturnal, for each 24 h cycle following methodologies of Tobler et al.
However, the intensity of light is the main factor for changes in the behavior of many species, with the crepuscular period establishing the beginning or the end of activities for these mosquitoes (Forattini et al.
Se consideraron como diurnas aquellas especies con el 70% o mas de sus registros obtenidos entre las 08:00 y las 17:59 hs; de actividad nocturna a aquellas con el 70% o mas de sus registros obtenidos entre las 20:00 y las 05:59 hs; de actividad crepuscular a aquellas con el 70% o mas de sus registro entre los intervalos de las 06:00 y las 07:59 hs, y las 18:00 y 19:59 hs; y como catemerales a aquellas cuyos registros no cumplieron con las categorias anteriores y estuvieron activos durante la noche, el crepusculo y en horas del dia.
The composition's precise but muted hues and quiet buzz perfectly capture the liminality of crepuscular light.
Percibo una continuidad fundamental en el estilo, aunque me parece notar una cierta progresion hacia un sonido menos minimalista, que empero no renuncia a esa tonalidad oscura y crepuscular que para mi, todavia hoy, suele estar asociada a los atardeceres de invierno en un campus universitario.