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Noun1.crew member - a member of a flight crewcrew member - a member of a flight crew    
crew - the men and women who man a vehicle (ship, aircraft, etc.)
aircrewman - a member of an aircrew
privateer, privateersman - an officer or crew member of a privateer
skilled worker, skilled workman, trained worker - a worker who has acquired special skills
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RNLI volunteer crew member Richard Shaw, who had gone ashore along with fellow crew member Matt Adams, said: "The casualty had suffered minor injuries and, working with the other emergency services at the scene, we helped remove the casualty by stretcher from the shore.
Copying design Another crew member said, " They are trying to save money but what have they done?
Thursday that the vessel was submerged and one crew member was injured.
A 38-year-old seriously injured crew member on a Russian war ship was transferred by helicopter to Limassol General Hospital in a rescue operation early Tuesday morning.
July 27, 2010 (KHARTOUM) -- One crew member of a Russian helicopter operating under a UN contract in Darfur region has gone missing after the helicopter suffered an emergency landing in southern Darfur, says a UN official.
A TEENAGE girl yesterday became the youngest RNLI lifeboat volunteer crew member.
The captain and a crew member remained with the ship which was refloated and made its way out of the harbour yesterday evening.
Crew member Dave Phillips, a 37-year-old father of four with 10 years experience aboard the Barry Dock lifeboat jumped into the water and attached a harness to the woman who was then winched aboard.
A teenage crew member of the Essex actually volunteered to be shot to feed the others.
The only crew member who didn't seem overly thrilled to have us around was the captain, a stern Norwegian who refused to give a cocktail party, refused to organize a captain's table, and refused to meet any of us.
One crew member of the tanker was injured in the collision, they said.
We work and sleep in four-hour shifts," explains Stig Westergaard, a Danish crew member for Djuice Dragons, one of the eight teams competing in the race.

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