crew sock

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crew sock

A short sock that extends above the ankle and is often ribbed.

[From its use by rowers.]

crew′ sock`

a short, thick, ribbed sock.
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The crew sock pocket is also large enough to hold a credit card or a gym membership card.
Iconic prints and perfect fits are evident in the Women's Pioneer Stripe Crew Sock Gift Set ($24.
In addition to the new Tread sock, pregnant women can now go "high-fashion" with the MommySox black Crew sock.
MommySox(TM) Delivers More for Pregnant Women; Tread sock designed for use at hospital and home; black crew sock for working women (04/18/2006 - 12:00 PM, SOURCE: MommySox)
MD USA offers diabetic ankle and crew socks, mild compression socks, travel compression socks, odor-control socks, blister control socks, non-skid socks of all types and spa socks, as well as any wellness or conventional socks for private labeling.
When reading the book, be sure to look the part by staying comfy in your SpongeBob SquarePants Crew Socks ($9).
Prices start at 29p for a triple-pack of England Crew Socks.
That's too much--I can't even stand crew socks as is.
24 on everything from computers to pencils to crew socks - up from $563.
A recent visit to a Kmart store in New York turned up Fruit of the Loom branded crew socks in one aisle, for example, along with housewares products (including Tide To Go brand stain removing pens) and American Tourister brand luggage tags.
I lazily picked up a pair of crew socks and suddenly exposed a hidden treasure.
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