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Needlework made with crewel.


(ˈkru əlˌwɜrk)

a decorative embroidery done with crewel yarn, esp. in floral or pastoral designs.
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Noun1.crewelwork - embroidery done with loosely twisted worsted yarn
fancywork, embroidery - decorative needlework
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She also made all of her family's clothing and enjoyed crocheting, knitting, crewelwork and needlepoint.
A small chair that was given to me by my mother just before she died--it's a simple little desk chair with a crewelwork seat that was always in our living room.
Julia Prior's bird made from reclaimed wood and wire looks ready for take off in a chunky way, and Kate Busby's Tree of Life is apparently Jacobean Crewelwork and very lovely and delicate.
They are made of wool crewelwork in shades of blues and greens on a cream ground, and feature a beautiful design of scrolling flower heads, foliage, motifs of animals and oriental figures.
All Embroidery is Needlework All Crewelwork is Embroidery Therefore, all Crewelwork is Needlework
The crewelwork fabric on the back of the old rocker hangs in longer shreds.
From light and airy voiles to jewel-like crewelwork, tapestry, chenille, brocades and dazzling damasks, you'll be spoilt for choice.