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A card game for from two to four players in which the score is kept by inserting small pegs into holes arranged in rows on a small board.

[From crib.]


(Card Games) a game of cards for two to four, in which players try to win a set number of points before their opponents. Often shortened to: crib
[C17: of uncertain origin]


(ˈkrɪb ɪdʒ)

a card game, basically for two players, in which points for certain combinations of cards are scored on a small pegboard (crib′bage board`).
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Noun1.cribbage - a card game (usually for two players) in which each player is dealt six cards and discards one or two
card game, cards - a game played with playing cards
crib - the cards discarded by players at cribbage


[ˈkrɪbɪdʒ] n sorte de jeu de cartescrib death n (US)mort f subite du nourrisson


nCribbage nt
References in classic literature ?
The cards were brought, and Fanny played at cribbage with her aunt till bedtime; and as Sir Thomas was reading to himself, no sounds were heard in the room for the next two hours beyond the reckonings of the game--"And that makes thirty-one; four in hand and eight in crib.
Wilmot, who stayed at home with him to enjoy a quiet game of cribbage.
When we retired, she took from her work-drawer an enormous interminable piece of knitting; the young ladies began to play at cribbage with a dirty pack of cards.
Then, we had chess for those who played it, whist, cribbage, books, backgammon, and shovelboard.
He was a slow sailer on a wind of happiness, but he took a cross cut for the rendezvous, and pegged away as if he were scoring furiously at cribbage.
It being now Mr Quilp's cue to change the subject with all convenient expedition, lest Richard Swiveller in his heedlessness should reveal anything which it was inexpedient for the women to know, he proposed a game at four-handed cribbage, and partners being cut for, Mrs Quilp fell to Frederick Trent, and Dick himself to Quilp.
Then courageously raising her eyes and looking out of the window, "if I'm not playing cribbage with my uncle.
Mr Wafer's coffin was adorned with a photo of him, his flat cap, a small bottle of whisky and his cribbage set.
You know I keep a cribbage board in the boat for shore lunches?
I once represented my local cricket club in a Monday night cards, cribbage and darts skirmish in some remote corner of the Pennines, and the end-ofevening nibbles amounted to onion and dripping baps and cold black pudding.
To make things easier for her, I made a jumbo-size board (about 27 in long) using Rockler's XL cribbage template.
The cold garden is a matchstick pegged cribbage of two simple