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1. A bed with high sides for a young child or baby.
a. A small building, usually with slatted sides, for storing corn.
b. A rack or trough for fodder; a manger.
c. A stall for cattle.
3. A small crude cottage or room.
4. Slang One's home.
5. A framework to support or strengthen a mine or shaft.
6. A wicker basket.
a. A petty theft.
b. Plagiarism.
a. See pony.
9. Games A set of cards made up from discards by each player in cribbage, used by the dealer.
v. cribbed, crib·bing, cribs
1. To confine or cramp.
2. To furnish with a crib.
a. To plagiarize (an idea or answer, for example).
b. To steal.
To plagiarize; cheat.

[Middle English, manger, from Old English cribb.]

crib′ber n.


(ˈkrɪb ɪŋ)

1. an injurious habit in which a horse bites its manger and as a result swallows air.
2. a timber lining, closely spaced, as in a mineshaft or raise.
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The American Association of Rail Road (AARR) requires that all blocking, bracing and cribbing will be secured directly to the rail card independently of the vehicle with no metal-to-metal contact.
Herbal Remedy Helps Cribbers and Eliminates Head/Ear Shyness - Precursors to Cribbing.
Horse owners experiencing the tragic consequences of cribbing and head-shyness may have new hope in an ancient but overlooked remedy - herbs replacing the natural nutrients that were once plentiful in America's fields and open ranges.