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A specialist in the collection and examination of the physical evidence of crime.

crim′i·nal·is′tics n.


1. (Sociology) dialect US a person who collects and analyses forensic evidence from the scene of a crime
2. (Law) a person who has knowledge of criminal law
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Police say the shots were directed toward them downstairs, but the on-scene criminalist "could not locate any bulletholes that would have originated from the kitchen area down into the basement where the SWAT team members reported to have heard and seen what they thought were gunshots being fired towards them.
The subject of the contract is the reconstruction of block d and two garage spaces for the criminalist and experts institute of physical planning in the academy of health sciences in bratislava, Sklabinsk 1 in the scope of the elaborated construction project.
From a sociological perspective, there is improper socializationand the law [operates from a] criminalist [mindset], so even those frameworks will fail.
47) Using the Combined DNA Index System ("CODIS"), a criminalist from the South Dakota Forensic Laboratory was able to match the unidentified male DNA profile previously found in 2001 to Red Bird.
I am a criminalist and an analytical chemist, not a psychologist, but I really believe that Kyle Lamb is someone who is so delusional that he should not be allowed out of an institution.
See Bianca Prieto & Walter Pacheco, Star Criminalist Joins Defense Team, ORLANDO SENTINEL, Nov.
Bird--an experienced criminalist from Illinois--obtained and outfitted a small arm repair truck to enable field examinations in the areas of ballistics, photography, fingerprinting, handwriting, and chemical analysis.
8221; Anjaria adds, “With the success of Breaking Bad, I look forward to tapping into my past experience as a sheriff's department criminalist investigating meth labs for creative content as well.
Should securitarian logic guide legislative reforms that affect the organ for criminalist investigations?
In accordance with the Supreme Court, the formulation of the German criminalist would not be sufficiently concrete, it would offend the principle of responsibility due to comprise in the mediate authorship the figure of the author behind the author, besides it transcends the limits of the Article 45 of the Argentinian Penal Code as it extends the authorship concept without legal bases.