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A specialist in the collection and examination of the physical evidence of crime.

crim′i·nal·is′tics n.


(Sociology) (functioning as singular) the scientific study of criminal evidence


(ˌkrɪm ə nlˈɪs tɪks)

n. (used with a sing. v.)
the scientific evaluation of physical evidence in criminal cases.
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Contract notice: Hiring of the corrective maintenance service of the automatic voice identification system (saivox), Of the criminalistics service of the civil guard.
ch/esc/bachelor Criminalistics (c) Traceology & French (b) http://www.
BRUSSELS, Aug 29 (KUNA) -- Five people who were detained after an arson attack on the Belgian National Institute for Criminalistics and Criminology in the Brussels suburb of Neder-over-Heembeek earlier today have been released, media reported.
Gennady Esakov, Professor, Head of Criminal Law and Criminalistics Department, National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow)
With a background in criminalistics and lie detection, Eldon's approach has always been very down-to-earth, science based and pragmatic.
Army Criminal Investigation Command (commonly known as CID) criminalistics program, offers research and training capabilities and, when requested, provides forensic support to other federal agencies.
Out of many other fields in which genetic algorithms have found their use we can mention, for example, robotics, encryption, criminalistics, computer games, finance or marketing [24].
Delivered in partnership with the University of South Wales, the FdSc delivers physical, organic, biological and analytical science, plus applications to forensic science, criminalistics and DNA analysis.
United Kingdom published the first criminalistics text material in 1953 and attracted the world towards this field.
Unlike institutions dedicated to the hard sciences, crime labs do not, on the whole, encourage their scientific staff to publish in scientific journals on criminalistics.
Criminalistics laboratory manual; the basics of forensic investigation.