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tr.v. crim·i·nal·ized, crim·i·nal·iz·ing, crim·i·nal·iz·es
1. To impose a criminal penalty on or for; outlaw.
2. To treat as a criminal.

crim′i·nal·i·za′tion (-lĭ-zā′shən) n.


(ˈkrɪmɪnəˌlaɪz) or


vb (tr)
1. (Law) to make (an action or activity) criminal
2. to treat (a person) as a criminal
ˌcriminaliˈzation, ˌcriminaliˈsation n


(ˈkrɪm ə nlˌaɪz)

v.t. -ized, -iz•ing.
1. to make criminal.
2. to make a criminal of.
crim`i•nal•i•za′tion, n.


Past participle: criminalized
Gerund: criminalizing

I criminalize
you criminalize
he/she/it criminalizes
we criminalize
you criminalize
they criminalize
I criminalized
you criminalized
he/she/it criminalized
we criminalized
you criminalized
they criminalized
Present Continuous
I am criminalizing
you are criminalizing
he/she/it is criminalizing
we are criminalizing
you are criminalizing
they are criminalizing
Present Perfect
I have criminalized
you have criminalized
he/she/it has criminalized
we have criminalized
you have criminalized
they have criminalized
Past Continuous
I was criminalizing
you were criminalizing
he/she/it was criminalizing
we were criminalizing
you were criminalizing
they were criminalizing
Past Perfect
I had criminalized
you had criminalized
he/she/it had criminalized
we had criminalized
you had criminalized
they had criminalized
I will criminalize
you will criminalize
he/she/it will criminalize
we will criminalize
you will criminalize
they will criminalize
Future Perfect
I will have criminalized
you will have criminalized
he/she/it will have criminalized
we will have criminalized
you will have criminalized
they will have criminalized
Future Continuous
I will be criminalizing
you will be criminalizing
he/she/it will be criminalizing
we will be criminalizing
you will be criminalizing
they will be criminalizing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been criminalizing
you have been criminalizing
he/she/it has been criminalizing
we have been criminalizing
you have been criminalizing
they have been criminalizing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been criminalizing
you will have been criminalizing
he/she/it will have been criminalizing
we will have been criminalizing
you will have been criminalizing
they will have been criminalizing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been criminalizing
you had been criminalizing
he/she/it had been criminalizing
we had been criminalizing
you had been criminalizing
they had been criminalizing
I would criminalize
you would criminalize
he/she/it would criminalize
we would criminalize
you would criminalize
they would criminalize
Past Conditional
I would have criminalized
you would have criminalized
he/she/it would have criminalized
we would have criminalized
you would have criminalized
they would have criminalized
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Verb1.criminalize - treat as a criminal
do by, treat, handle - interact in a certain way; "Do right by her"; "Treat him with caution, please"; "Handle the press reporters gently"
2.criminalize - declare illegal; outlaw; "Marijuana is criminalized in the U.S."
nix, prohibit, proscribe, disallow, forbid, interdict, veto - command against; "I forbid you to call me late at night"; "Mother vetoed the trip to the chocolate store"; "Dad nixed our plans"
ban, censor - forbid the public distribution of ( a movie or a newspaper)
להוציא מחוץ לחוק


[ˈkrɪmɪnəlaɪz] VTcriminalizar


[ˈkrɪmɪnəlaɪz] criminalise (British) vt
[+ person] → criminaliser
[+ abortion, sex, homosexuality, alcohol] → criminalisercriminal law ndroit m pénal


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Israeli Labor Party lawmaker Itzik Shmuly, who is pushing for a counter bill in the Israeli parliament to criminalize the denial of Nazi collaboration, quipped on Twitter that "the next step of Morawiecki's pathetic project to erase the crimes of the Polish people is probably going to be blaming the Jews for their own Holocaust and presenting the Nazis as victims of the circumstances.
FILE -- Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ali Abdel Aal CAIRO -- 9 January 2018: The Egyptian Parliament initially approved Monday the draft law amending the Penal Code to criminalize the bribery of foreign public officials and to impose severe penalties on child abductors due to the increasing cases of children abduction.
Wes Gatchalian has filed a bill seeking to criminalize identity theft and fraud such as the use of personal data to make fake accounts on social media to attack a person's identity.
Former Parliament Speaker, Max Sisulu, told Xinhua that conversation around racism should continue in the country for South Africans to come up with a decision whether to criminalize racism or not.
Since 2013, about half the states have enacted laws that, generally, criminalize the unauthorized distribution of sexually explicit images of another person with the intent to embarrass, harass or frighten that person.
LILLE, FRANCE: International organizations and the UN human rights body should criminalize all acts of religious defamation and discrimination, Sheikh Abdul Majeed Al-Omari, the director-general for external relations at the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs, said here on Saturday.
He demanded to enter Arab ground troops belonging to the international coalition in the country in order to support the tribes in the start of a major war against the IS and rid the provinces that are under their control and liberate them, calling on the international coalition to criminalize the other militias as the case with the IS.
Law 36 provides a legislative cover to criminalize the smuggling or attempting the smuggling of subsidized oil by-products.
Summary: MP Ghassan Moukheiber submitted an urgent draft law to Parliament Tuesday that would criminalize sexual harassment and racist abuse, saying the legislation was needed after allegations emerged against Beirut's former acting governor last month.
Article 3) "We want to criminalize the act itself, not the use of violence," says Rouhana.
In several countries legal measures effectively criminalize atheism, criminalize the expression and manifestation of atheist beliefs, or result in systematic discrimination against atheists and those who reject religion," the report says.
Summary: A Libyan rights group said on Wednesday it will mount a challenge in the supreme court against laws which criminalize the glorification of Gaddafi's regime.