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crimp 1

tr.v. crimped, crimp·ing, crimps
1. To press or pinch into small regular folds or ridges: crimp a pie crust.
2. To bend or mold (leather) into shape.
3. To cause (hair) to form tight curls or waves.
4. To have a hampering or obstructive effect on: Supplies of foreign oil were crimped by the embargo.
1. The act of crimping.
2. Something made by or as if by crimping, as:
a. Hair that has been tightly curled or waved.
b. A series of curls, as of wool fibers.
c. A crease or bend.
3. An obstructing or hampering agent or force: Rising interest rates put a crimp in new home construction.

[Dutch or Low German krimpen, from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German.]

crimp′er n.

crimp 2

A person who tricks or coerces others into service as sailors or soldiers.
tr.v. crimped, crimp·ing, crimps
To procure (sailors or soldiers) by trickery or coercion.

[Origin unknown.]


1. folded into ridges
2. having tight curls or waves


[krɪmpt] ADJrizado, con rizos, encrespado
References in classic literature ?
Why must their ruffs be always crinkled like endive leaves, and not crimped with a crimping iron?
Her little neck and arms were bare, and her hair, artificially crimped, stood out like fluffy black plumes over her head.
Reed's lace frills, and crimped her nightcap borders, fed our eager attention with passages of love and adventure taken from old fairy tales and other ballads; or (as at a later period I discovered) from the pages of Pamela, and Henry, Earl of Moreland.
They crimped and curled her hair, they polished her neck and arms with some fragrant powder, touched her lips with coralline salve to make them redder, and Hortense would have added `a soupcon of rouge', if Meg had not rebelled.
About this time there drove up to an exceedingly snug and well- appointed house in Park Lane, a travelling chariot with a lozenge on the panels, a discontented female in a green veil and crimped curls on the rumble, and a large and confidential man on the box.
Their brisk, withered little dames, in close crimped caps, long waisted short-gowns, homespun petticoats, with scissors and pin-cushions, and gay calico pockets hanging on the outside.
Tenders are invited for Spares For Mark-Iii Towerwagon One Set Consisting 03 Items 1 Crimped Hose 100 With Both End Crimped R1 -1 Hose Fitted 3000 Mm 02 Nos.
If it's too short, the case mouth may not be crimped at all.
Readers who reload old heeled-bullet rounds that must be crimped from below--or those who wrestle with fragile, thin-walled .
Bullets should be seated and crimped in separate operations.
45 ACP 230-grain roundnose, and when the case couldn't be crimped any more (the hard bullet stopped inward progress) the case then buckled.
Suitable for contract manufacturers and harness houses, this tester measures accurate pull strengths on a wide range of crimped terminals and wires, providing consistent verification of crimp pull force and reducing potential quality issues.