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Causing a reaction of embarrassment or awkwardness for something or someone: sat through a cringeworthy standup comedy routine.
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Piers Victoria I would like to add the advertising campaigns for these wretched devices is cringeworthy, to say the least, with their implication that, provided you run to their blessed meter every time you use high-powered products and take note of the amount of therms or wattage used, then your utility bill will have you dancing in the street.
I deeply regret now playing on these cringeworthy recordings.
And the FA's handling of the Mark Sampson affair this week has been cringeworthy.
Other winners who choose to splash out on cringeworthy antics with their jackpots should take a lesson from them.
amp;nbsp;You've probably totally forgotten about Donald Trump's cringeworthy appearance in 2005, so click through to slide #9 to see it
If you're not a fan of mother-in-law gags or jokes about animal cruelty, then prepare for a few cringeworthy moments as Jimmy reels off a few one-liners.
Granted, the pictures of Adel showing off a suspiciously flat stomach were a bit cringeworthy but do you think any QPR fan will be 'embarrassed' by the dispute?
Tonight begins with a cringeworthy double bill and I can imagine the genuine Harry tuning in and being slightly miffed that he wasn't asked to take part for real.
Indeed, some of the most cringeworthy Welsh accents heard on television come from Welsh actors themselves.
Tumblr, after cringeworthy 'Selfies at Funerals', has launched a new blog titled 'Selfies with Homeless People,' featuring photos that have been previously posted on Instagram and show users posing with homeless people who are often passed out.
The result proved compelling, cringeworthy and hugely entertaining.
00pm) The comedy actor celebrates bad moments in films, featuring terrible accents and cringeworthy dialogue.