crisis management

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cri′sis man`agement

the techniques used, as by an employer or government, to avert or deal with crisis situations, as strikes, riots, or violence.
cri′sis man`ager, n.

crisis management

Measure to resolve a hostile situation and investigate and prepare a criminal case for prosecution under federal law. Crisis management will include a response to an incident involving a weapon of mass destruction, special improvised explosive device, or a hostage crisis that is beyond the capability of the lead federal agency. See also crisis; hostage; hostile.
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Developing an effective crisis management strategy is not an optional activity for a corporation -- it is at the heart of good corporate governance.
Every company today needs effective security policies and procedures, a crisis management plan and a disaster recovery plan," he says.
Launched in 2007, the EU Police Mission in Afghanistan is the EU s second largest civilian crisis management mission.
NATO's Sofia crisis management center will first be based in the Shipka hotel, which is owned by the Bulgarian Defense Ministry, but will later be housed in a building of its own, she added, as cited by Mediapool.
Key words: crisis management, HR management, human resource, employee representative, overview
Recognizing the need to improve the national crisis management system, raised after (the North's) artillery provocation into Yeonpeyong Island, a decision has been made to complement the nation's security crisis management system at the presidential office,'' a statement said.
We're very proud to announce that Dominic will be a speaker at the BCM World Conference, as it demonstrates the recognition he has as a thought leader in crisis management and crisis leadership," commented Isobel Nicholas, Director of Communications for Steelhenge.
Specifically, Chapter 1, "A Need for More Crisis Management Knowledge," focuses on defining crisis and crisis management.
ADAC proposes collaboration on strategy for aviation crisis management
It also consists of the FBI's extensive CT, crisis management and response, and intelligence capabilities.
Is your crisis management team tackling a worst case scenario should there be a major change at the world's largest auto assembler and its main parts supplier?

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