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tr. & intr.v. crisp·ened, crisp·en·ing, crisp·ens
To make or become crisp; crisp.


to make or become crisp


(ˈkrɪs pən)

v.t., v.i.
to make or become crisp.
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Verb1.crispen - make brown and crisp by heatingcrispen - make brown and crisp by heating; "toast bread"; "crisp potatoes"
cookery, cooking, preparation - the act of preparing something (as food) by the application of heat; "cooking can be a great art"; "people are needed who have experience in cookery"; "he left the preparation of meals to his wife"
heat, heat up - make hot or hotter; "the sun heats the oceans"; "heat the water on the stove"

crispen (up)

vt sep breadaufbacken; blouse etcauffrischen
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Any dish can be crispened further by topping with grated cheese as mature cheddar or parmesan and breadcrumbs drizzled with oil.
In fact, rain was to be less of a problem on this holiday than the jaunty return of Jack Frost, who crispened the grass around us in the early hours.
When slightly crispened, mix in the stir-fried vegetables.