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I would've liked it crispier, but it wasn't overly fatty either.
The LED lights very impressive, crispier and clearer and the music really got me in the mood to welcome 2018 on a high note," he added.
It is crispier and tastier since it is fried in lesser oil,' said a customer who was waiting his turn.
Seabasket Restaurant's kitchen has been newly updated with a convection frying system so the food cooks with crispier coatings.
There is something about McDonald's fried chicken (not chicken nuggets) in Taiwan that tastes saltier and crispier, for instance, than in any other country.
For crispier pakoras: Add a little corn flour in the batter.
The factory will cater to the domestic market demand with high-end TVs, which are known for their crispier picture quality and dynamic wide viewing angle in addition to the trusted Japanese quality.
For my own version, I added some fresh garlic (not much used in Portugal in traditional recipes for some reason), some herbs and I made much larger, crispier potato straws for extra texture.
They were fresh tasting, but might have been a touch crispier and hotter after being transported just 20 yards for the weigh-in.
If you want a crispier cookie, you may replace the brown sugar with white.
According to company officials, Snack Factory Tortilla Chips deliver a modern take on the corn tortilla by being thinner and crispier than an ordinary tortilla chip, while offering a unique shape and satisfying crunch that holds up to hearty dips and toppings.