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adj. crisp·i·er, crisp·i·est
1. Firm but easily broken or crumbled; crisp.
2. Having small curls, waves, or ripples.

crisp′i·ness n.
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Noun1.crispiness - firm but easily broken
breakableness - the consistency of something that breaks under pressure
flakiness - having or breaking into thin crisp flakes
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The 11-in-1 digital Turbo Cook Center and Air Fryer features state-of-the-art technology that cooks meals with optimal taste and crispiness while eliminating the need to add fats and oil during the cooking process.
It's a dish that's certainly never knowingly undersold and the meat could hardly wait to fall from the bone and the crispiness gave it a flavour to savour.
Much harder than being able to roast potatoes to perfect crispiness (No3) or knowing when to deadhead a rose (No30).
The sharp, crispiness of the slaw cuts through the hour-long lusciousness of the meat.
However, they are not capable of providing browning and crispiness to the food as they are not equipped with grilling features.
Taste, crispiness, aroma and overall acceptability of plantain-wheat (2:4) and wheat biscuits are similar, while 100% wheat biscuits were preferred to 100% plantain biscuits.
The deep fried olives were coated in a thin layer of delicious crispiness and topped with sweet and spicy green chilli sauce.
One could eat this salad forever and never complain: crispiness of the banana blossom, apple and shallots paired with the mint and a dressing made of sriracha and condensed milk gives it a sweet and spicy flavour.
The crisp breaded fillets served with garlic, chilli and sweet and sour sauce on the side was a hit for its crispiness while the noodles - garnished with large prawns, tofu and topped with peanuts and eggs - was evocative of the true 'Thai' taste - sweet and subtly tangy thanks to Tamarind Sauce in fine balance.
The sheer crispiness in the air and slow paced vibe helps you slip into relaxation mode.
The outer shell was deep fried to a slight crispiness.
euro]e accompanying fries, which we asked for in place of triple fried handcuts, were just as mind-blowing, blending respectable levels of crispiness with a natural, rustic appeal.