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 (krĭs′krôs′, -krŏs′)
v. criss·crossed, criss·cross·ing, criss·cross·es
1. To mark with crossing lines.
2. To move back and forth through or over: crisscrossed the country on a speaking tour.
To move back and forth.
1. A mark or pattern made of crossing lines.
2. A state of being at conflicting or contrary purposes.
Crossing one another or marked by crossings.
In a manner or direction that crosses or is marked by crossings.

[Alteration of Middle English Cristcrosse, mark of a cross, short for Cristcross (me speed), may Christ's cross (give me success).]


crossing over each other
References in classic literature ?
It was with difficulty that he kept the trail, for there were many paths through the jungle at this point--crossing and crisscrossing, forking and branching in all directions, and over them all had passed natives innumerable, coming and going.
The path links to city trails that follow the river and its tributaries, crisscrossing Santa Clarita.
Water-witches got the name due to the seemingly mystical tools (often witch hazel branches) and doodle-bug like, crisscrossing movements across the landscape while searching for water.
Crisscrossing turn-of-the-twentieth-century America from his base in Seattle in an effort to secure funding, he was the Don King of his day--selling out Carnegie Hall, in 1911, with his "musicale" based on native cultures; garnering meetings with his backer, J.
Residents of Venice, Italy, rely on boats to navigate the city's crisscrossing canals.
Cesario Montano, also known as Block, has been crisscrossing the landscape interviewing all sorts for the much-discussed documentary on Christian Hosoi.
As a kid I would lie on the open grass and for hours trace the eagles soar above, crisscrossing the blue skies.
As she bourrees on pointe, her jointless yet oddly articulate upper limbs delicately caress the air, forming looping undulations and crisscrossing patterns.
The gay rights movement is one of the most progressive movements, and so much of Sweet Honey's music speaks to that," notes Toshi, who, along with her band Big Lovely, is currently crisscrossing the country perforating "Evening-song," a series of concerts in collaboration with Sweet Honey.