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The Edizione critica delle opere di Gaetano Donizetti (led by Gabriele Dotto and Roger Parker, and known since 2001 as Edizione nazionale) takes an altogether different approach, with a stronger emphasis on the practical purpose and a much leaner critical apparatus (no separate volume, therefore, and only concise source descriptions and a relatively small number of notes describing the most significant issues and choices).
Building on recent achievements, it brings together the latest scholarship and provides through its critical apparatus, a guide to the literature in both Hungarian and western languages, so that it may act as a handbook and work of reference.
Gardner's translation is framed by a short, but insightful, introduction and by a substantial critical apparatus divided into "Notes to the Text," which compares extant published editions of Fracastoro's poems, and "Notes to the Translation," which identifies Fracastoro's main literary sources.
Buck Kachaluba and Aaron Dziubinskyj provide a critical apparatus helping readers to understand the novel's literary genesis and genealogy as well as its historical context.
The goal is to make both texts and metadata accessible via a single interface and to publish texts online, combining philological rigour with technological flexibility, bibliographic control, and a critical apparatus for each text.
In the critical apparatus accompanying these texts, the authors delve deeply into questions of attribution--some of these articles were actually written by Balzac himself.
As with all the volumes in this series, the translations are impeccable and critical apparatus a service to future generations of Bonhoeffer scholarship in the context of the Third Reich.
Having flourished in the English Language and Early English Literature (ELEEL) school at Sydney in the 1980s this reviewer recognizes the critical apparatus at play in this work.
Notwithstanding, the critical apparatus offers a credible scholarly treatment of the narrative.
However, perhaps the best example of the useful of Gardner's critical apparatus can be found in John 6:1-40, The Bread of Life, which is paired alongside Elizabeth Bishop's "A Miracle for Breakfast.
The critical apparatus, the glossarial index, the added notes on plot and romance features and the personal reflections throughout the volume will assist others starting out to create a newly-edited text.
Slaczka then turns, in Chapter 3, to the available editions of the text (all unsatisfactory), her manuscript sources, critical apparatus, and an account of the errors and unusual grammatical forms typical of the Kasyapasilpa.

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