critical appraisal

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Noun1.critical appraisal - an appraisal based on careful analytical evaluation
appraisal, assessment - the classification of someone or something with respect to its worth
criticism, critique - a serious examination and judgment of something; "constructive criticism is always appreciated"
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com)-- This second volume in the AOSpine Masters Series, recently published by Thieme, balances critical appraisal of current evidence in spine oncology with the opinions of experienced spine surgeons to create a unique clinical reference for spine oncology surgeons.
The current study focused specifically on one of the most critical stages of evidence-informed policy, critical appraisal of research studies, and aimed to answer the following two questions: 1) Do Canadian university programs in public affairs, public administration, public policy and/or political science currently train students in how to perform critical appraisal using systematic and validated tools?
This approach requires critical appraisal before application to clinical practice.
Doing so effectively requires critical appraisal skills to review research and theories.
Study guide to accompany nursing research in Canada : methods, critical appraisal, and utilization.
It is our fear that today's nurses, in responding to pressures to be doing things and moving forward, may have lost the habit of constructive critical appraisal.
Abd al-'Azim Anis exemplifies the trajectory of an Egyptian intellectual who combined social concerns with a scientific and mathematical career as well as engaging in a critical appraisal of literature.
Faculty confirmed that the quality of on-line exchange was richer in content and critical appraisal than the in-person counterparts.
perhaps we may some day rent the video and subject it to critical appraisal.
Yet I think the idea of choreographers being given this chance to try out their ideas in ideal conditions without the burden of public scrutiny and critical appraisal is, at a certain stage of a choreographer's development, all to the good.
Sally Roundell will be giving a critical appraisal of members' work and passing on tips.
There is also background and critical appraisal of the photographers.

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