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1. Judging severely and finding fault: a writer who is very critical of the government's foreign policy.
a. Relating to or characterized by criticism; reflecting careful analysis and judgment: a critical appreciation of the filmmaker's work.
b. Of, relating to, or characteristic of critics: a play that received great critical acclaim.
c. Including scholarly commentary and interpretation: a critical edition of Poe's stories.
a. Forming or having the nature of a turning point; crucial or decisive: a critical point in the campaign. See Synonyms at decisive.
b. Medicine Being or relating to a grave physical condition, especially of a patient.
c. Being in or verging on a state of crisis or emergency: a critical shortage of food.
4. Extremely important or essential: a critical element of the plan; a second income that is critical to the family's well-being. See Synonyms at indispensable.
5. Mathematics Of or relating to a point at which a curve has a horizontal tangent line, as at a maximum or minimum.
6. Chemistry & Physics Of or relating to the value of a measurement, such as temperature, at which an abrupt change in a quality, property, or state occurs: A critical temperature of water is 100°C, its boiling point at standard atmospheric pressure.
7. Physics Capable of sustaining a nuclear chain reaction: The reactor has gone critical.

crit′i·cal·ly adv.
crit′i·cal·ness n.
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Noun1.criticalness - a state of critical urgency
urgency - the state of being urgent; an earnest and insistent necessity
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The story of the film revolves around a Jewish-Italian bookkeeper who suffers the criticalness of the German regime during the days of Adolf Hitler when Italy was occupied by Germans, surviving the struggles he faced due to the Holocaust, along with his wife and son.
Supporting staff has demonstrated more stretch because of occupation criticalness and administrative uniform.
But within that are the nitty-gritty details that are all too often overlooked -- the criticalness of long-term planning (in many cases several years for a smooth transition), the importance of outside experience (for both family members and other employees) and the need to recognize the value of different personality types in the family business.
Before fully entangling ourselves in this aguafuerte, one final word about the criticalness of Arlt's methodology must be mentioned, for it is his flaneurian movement that affords him the opportunity to rethink the city and escape time and again the hegemonic ideology of cultural nationalism that held fast to their beliefs of the city as deeply ensconced in a rigid sign system.
A communication-oriented CDA or PDA that balances this critical side by introducing communication, consensus-building, and focusing on constructive criticalness rather than conflict-driven and conflict-oriented criticalness, as mentioned above, can be a viable means through which PDA can be conducted in these political environments.
He highlighted the compost's criticalness use appraisal at the agriculturist door level, and the essential part of open private segments to upgrade quality production.
Poor peer support was characterized by a sense of criticalness and disregard for the emotional needs of participants.
Many patients cannot be approached due criticalness of the condition, absence of relatives, and non-compliance of patient and/or relative.
The function varies according to (1) the scope, the extent to which the domain encompasses only one or a few persons, entities or activities; (2) criticalness, the extent to which substitute domains are not readily available; and (3) centrality, the persistence of the individual's conscious attention to the domain.
As a matter of fact, they perennially convey the criticalness of possessing and exercising a solid ethical framework in the political arena--a framework that has the goal of the ideal of holistic community.
A critical incident must satisfy five criteria: is the actual incident reported; was it observed by the reporter (study participant); were all relevant factors in the situation given; has the reporter (study participant) made a definite judgment regarding the criticalness of the incident and; has the reporter (study participant) made it clear just why she or he believes the incident was critical?
Personal criticalness and explicitness of the message is likely tied to the effectiveness of the argument (Colston & Keller, 1998), and the identification of the addressee has to do with the appropriateness of the argument (Katz & Lee, 1993).