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1. Judging severely and finding fault: a writer who is very critical of the government's foreign policy.
a. Relating to or characterized by criticism; reflecting careful analysis and judgment: a critical appreciation of the filmmaker's work.
b. Of, relating to, or characteristic of critics: a play that received great critical acclaim.
c. Including scholarly commentary and interpretation: a critical edition of Poe's stories.
a. Forming or having the nature of a turning point; crucial or decisive: a critical point in the campaign. See Synonyms at decisive.
b. Medicine Being or relating to a grave physical condition, especially of a patient.
c. Being in or verging on a state of crisis or emergency: a critical shortage of food.
4. Extremely important or essential: a critical element of the plan; a second income that is critical to the family's well-being. See Synonyms at indispensable.
5. Mathematics Of or relating to a point at which a curve has a horizontal tangent line, as at a maximum or minimum.
6. Chemistry & Physics Of or relating to the value of a measurement, such as temperature, at which an abrupt change in a quality, property, or state occurs: A critical temperature of water is 100°C, its boiling point at standard atmospheric pressure.
7. Physics Capable of sustaining a nuclear chain reaction: The reactor has gone critical.

crit′i·cal·ly adv.
crit′i·cal·ness n.
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Noun1.criticalness - a state of critical urgency
urgency - the state of being urgent; an earnest and insistent necessity
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A significant main effect of conversation type was also found for ratings of audience criticalness, F(2, 240) = 202.
These include patients with chest trauma [19], cocaine-associated chest pain [20], criticalness in ill intensive care [21], muscle trauma and disease [3], and renal disease [22].
In addition to the conditions of publicity that Thiemann offers as guideposts for citizen participation in public discourse, he also suggests that government officials who advert to religious values or rely on religious arguments have an independent obligation to employ such values or arguments with some measure of criticalness, (pp.
Dean (1987) grippingly captured the criticalness of attending to these phenomena:
Both communications and data processing concerns can usually meet this need, so long as they recognize the criticalness of doing so.
HP's strategic planning appears to be an issue following the unexpected and somewhat arbitrary reversal of key prior strategic decisions, namely the criticalness of PSG to HP in terms of procurement leverage and the importance of acquiring the Palm operating system (WebOS), which would be installed across the company's product portfolio to augment its tablet strategy.
com)-- A web hosting provider with 11 years of solid experience in server management and web hosting and serves more than 60,000 clients in over 120 countries, Exabytes is determined to convince offline business owners the criticalness of expanding their businesses online.
The French company Beicip-Franlab had informed us earlier that primary studies showed large and promising amount of fuel oil in our Lebanese waters," the Minister announced, assuring that serious efforts ought to be exerted in witness of this matter's criticalness.