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or crop duster (krŏp′dŭst′ər)
1. A light aircraft equipped for spraying crops with powdered insecticides or fungicides.
2. The pilot of such an aircraft.
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Planes Cert U THE world of Cars takes flight in Planes, Disney's animated action comedy featuring Dusty, a crop-duster with a dream and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to take on the world's fastest fliers in the greatest air race ever.
The hero, Dusty (voice of Dane Cook), is a single-engine crop-duster who longs to fly in a round-the-world race, even though he's afraid of flying above 1,000 feet.
An official at Cuba's Civil Aviation Institute said the plane was a crop-duster engaged in agricultural work but there were no details on who was on board or how the hijacking was carried out.
A stolen crop-duster biplane carrying eight passengers from Cuba landed in Key West, Florida, Nov.
Atta gave up on the idea of using a crop-duster for two reasons, it is claimed.
His forklift mechanic pal Dottie (Teri Hatcher), his fuel truck buddy Chug (Brad Garrett), and his senior crop-duster boss Leadbottom (Cedric the Entertainer) all try to discourage him, but he does pretty well in the qualifying round, and through a fluke, makes the final cut.
A lifelong flying enthusiast, Leslie Stobbe, who held a private pilot's license, learned to fly a crop-duster on his family's farm when he was 16.
Officials have already grounded all crop-duster planes.
The hero of this slight tale is daydreaming Dusty Crophopper (Dane Cook), a plucky crop-duster who enters the Wings Across the World race to prove he can be more than just a lowly farmhand.
Atta allegedly asked a bank for _ a loan to buy his own crop-duster but pulled out of the deal at the last minute.
ALBANY - A crop-duster crashed his plane on landing Thursday morning in Linn County but walked away.
A CROP-DUSTER pilot who crashed into trees and died was distracted by texting and making calls on his mobile phone.