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The process of spraying crops with powdered insecticides or fungicides from an aircraft.

crop′-dust′ v.


1. (Agriculture) the spreading of fungicide, etc on crops in the form of dust, often from an aircraft


the spraying of powdered fungicides or insecticides on crops, usu. from an airplane.
crop′-dust`er, n.
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Noun1.crop-dusting - the dispersion of fungicides or insecticides or fertilizer on growing crops (often from a low-flying aircraft)crop-dusting - the dispersion of fungicides or insecticides or fertilizer on growing crops (often from a low-flying aircraft)
dispersal, dispersion, dissemination, diffusion - the act of dispersing or diffusing something; "the dispersion of the troops"; "the diffusion of knowledge"
aircraft - a vehicle that can fly
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Decades without bedbug infestations and repurposed aircraft for crop-dusting caused a problem for the academic field of entomology, he said, because nature doesn't give up easily.
in 1949, the plane did some barnstorming and crop-dusting before being modified for aerial firefighting.
27 -- DJI has launched a smart, crop-dusting agricultural drone called the DJI Agras MG-1.
Even a routine task like scheduling a visit from a crop-dusting plane became trickier.
Fans of the first film will recall how humble crop-dusting plane Dusty Crophopper made big in the world of competitive racing.
Farmers look forward to using drones for pinpoint crop-dusting.
THE BOTTOM LINE: "Planes'' has a lot of mild sexual innuendo that kids will miss: The amorous Mexican plane courts a lady aircraft; Dusty has his crop-dusting apparatus removed to improve his speed and asks nervously if the procedure is "reversible.
The one of the research and development projects is that remotely controlled crop-dusting plane that will make up a growing focus on unmanned aircraft, also known as drones, at the military facility near Edinburgh.
Short of crop-dusting Ottawa with liquid Prozac, it looks like the F-35 is here to stay.
Security checks at crop-spraying sites across Wales and England have also been tightened after America grounded its crop-dusting planes over fears they could be used by terrorists.
She's the wife of Stan Clark, who runs ChrisAir, a crop-dusting company in Lake Village, and daughter-in-law of Reagan Clark, owner of a crop insurance agency.
Spec, who runs a local crop-dusting service, spotted an acquaintance standing in line and went up to say howdy.