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Land that is fit or used for growing crops.


(Agriculture) an area of land on which crops are grown



land used for cultivating crops.
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He did not wait for anything more, but dashed on; and the yells grew fainter behind him as he ran into the croplands where the villagers lived.
Come to the foot of the hill when thou art a man, and we will talk to thee; and we will come into the croplands to play with thee by night.
7 acres of cropland must be planted to small grains for use by the successful bidder, 66.
Although California has a robust history of collecting agricultural statistics at the county scale in county agricultural reports, these reports do not include information on the ownership characteristics of cropland in their county, such as average property size, the distribution of ownership, and what kind of crops were planted together on individual properties.
1) Each quarter, the Ag Credit Survey asks bankers in the Tenth District to provide the current average market values of "good quality" or nonirrigated cropland, irrigated cropland, and ranchland/pastureland in their lending area.
i] are profits of cropland cultivation and forestland generated from zone i ($/ha), respectively, where i is name of zone (i = 1, 2, .
land-used change in the past 300 years, then focuses on changes during the past 30 years, including urban, grassland, cropland, and forest changes; phenological characteristics and shifts under land-use change; and afforestation areas from the Grain for Green Program aiming to convert cropland to forestland to mitigate soil erosion problems.
Four hundred and eight million acres of that is cropland, while pasture and rangeland totals 614 million acres.
The farms have been owned by Morgan Foods for decades and are approximately two-thirds of cropland with the rest consisting of woodland and recreational land near Hardy Lake.
of their intention to seize about 80 dunums of Palestinian-owned cropland,
TEHRAN (FNA)- The conversion of forests into cropland worldwide has triggered an atmospheric change to emissions of biogenic volatile organic compounds that -- while seldom considered in climate models -- has had a net cooling effect on global temperatures, according to a new study.
The census counts land devoted to cropland, woodland, pasture and rangeland, and farmsteads/farm buildings, but does not track changes in rural land use, including acres lost to development.