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or croque mon·sieur  (krōk′mə-syœ′)
A buttery sandwich of ham, cheese, and sometimes béchamel sauce, that is often dipped in egg before it is grilled.

[French : croquer, to crunch, bite (from Old French *to strike, break, of imitative origin) + monsieur, mister; see Monsieur.]
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salted products: lasagna, stuffed pasta, stuffed pancakes, samosas, spring rolls, pizzas, savory pies, croque-monsieur.
Lunch at '62 Bistrot is a combination of salads, five different quiches and sandwiches (including the traditional croque-monsieur and croque-madame), as well as a cheese board ($9) and a board of charcuterie and cheese ($15).
Dishes are French bistro classics such as croque-monsieur, steak and fries and quiche.
You can order the staples but, surrounded by so many restaurants serving fruit de la mer (seafood platter), crepes and croque-monsieur, why would you bother with the hotel restaurant?
Mall of the Emirates recently saw the launch of Parisian house, Dalloyau -- creators of the world- renowned Opera cake -- where you can try everything from macarons to artisanal chocolate, as well as signature dishes like croque-monsieur with comte cheese (call 04-3350622).
In addition, a full menu of French cuisine includes: Paris croque-monsieur with Comte cheese, Pain du Roy Bressan sandwich made with roasted chicken, pan-sauteed mushrooms, Comte cheese and light bechamel sauce and Angus beef fillet served with thyme flavoured roasted baby potatoes and Bearnaise sauce.
After the success of its microwaveable Croque-Monsieur and then the Double Croque-Monsieur, Loste Grand Saloir Restauration has innovated and expanded its line of micro-waveable snacks with two new Sapresti Traiteur-brand sandwiches: the Ham, Tomato & Mozzarella Panini and the Three-Cheese Panini.
I put in the croque-monsieur recipe and a lot of my drawings are in the book as well.
While paying tribute to regulars like the croque-monsieur and Massachusetts' lobster rolls, the list pinpoints lesser known winners like Mario Batali's sandwich filled with squid in its own ink, a Vietnamese banh mi sandwich topped with a fried egg, and Martin Blunos' sandwich stack of cheddar blended with white truffles priced at $176.
Alleno will also serve classic bistro fare: hard-boiled eggs and langoustines (both in a gelatin base), veal en croute, boudin noir, mackerel, navarin of lamb with asparagus, croque-monsieur, chicken liver pate, head cheese and an assortment of terrine and charcuterie.
This was not a problem for me as I chose a croque-monsieur.