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Noun1.cross-division - classification according to more than one attribute at the same time; "the cross-classification of cases was done by age and sex"
categorisation, categorization, sorting, classification - the basic cognitive process of arranging into classes or categories
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The sight was sufficiently disturbing to health commission workers that Hugh Addington, the agency's director of cross-division coordination, fired off a note to executive leadership, detailing the intruder's exact movements before it disappeared.
This contract is a significant international win for L-3 and demonstrates the cross-division synergies that enhance our expertise at L-3 GCS and L-3 Linkabit, said John Mega, president of L-3's Communication Systems group.
efficiency to Jumbo Electronics in managing cross-division processes, including
The latter kinds do not map onto the former, but there is cross-division.
The very real possibility of a rematch between Stanford and UCLA for the Pac-12 title six days after they end the regular season against each other brings to mind the idea that maybe the Pac-12, in scheduling, shouldn't have cross-division games on the final weekend of the season.
Solar, Lithium, Smart Community Strategic Committee, a cross-division organization of Marubeni, has been playing a central role to promote environmental business including mega-solar.
Jim s deep experience in the brokerage business, his well-established relationships within Wells Fargo Advisors and his experience in cross-division partnership place him in a unique position to quickly take advantage of the growth opportunities we have in Wealth Brokerage Services, said Jay Welker, President of Wells Fargo Wealth Management.
The new organization will allow us to benefit from greater cross-division coordination of production functions and optimization of product and information flow.
The headquarters staff forms a cross-division team, including members of its life insurance division, marketing department and public relations team.
The Salvation Army Southern Territory (TSAS) selected Blackbaud Enterprise CRM[TM] as its centralized database to support the sharing of cross-division information, facilitate improved reporting and streamline operations.
During fiscal 2004, the company also created an Advanced Research and Technology (ART) unit, which seeks out new technologies, and expanded its Strategy and Planning function to add additional strategic focus on market opportunities and cross-division initiatives and to manage strategic planning.
Sometimes, I still see cross-division synergy problems," said Bergantz.