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(krôs′drĕs′, krŏs′-)
intr.v. cross-dressed, cross-dress·ing, cross-dress·es
To dress in clothing that is usually worn by the opposite sex.

cross′-dress′er n.
cross′-dress′ing n.


n. travestismo.
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The cross-dressed devotees in colourful traditional Kerala drape and jewellery crowded the temple premises and walked with large lamps.
After that, I cross-dressed in front of her, but now she hates the idea, so I don't do it.
After that I cross-dressed in front of her but now she hates the idea, so I don't do it.
cross-dressed in women's underwear in Dubai International City.
I was cross-dressed because I was training to perform a woman's role in Indian cinema," the newspaper reported the defendant as telling the public prosecutor.
The lead character is refreshingly dark-haired rather than the traditional fairytale blonde, the wicked witch is a cross-dressed man and in one scene a severed finger is proudly displayed around the auditorium.
However, he says, a loophole allowed cross-dressed men to be "kept" by other men: "Sex between the elite men (as 'tops' in our parlance) and the cross-dressed men (as 'bottoms') was accepted in particular circumstances, such as when the men were at war.
History expert Senator David Norris even helped to save the north inner-city Dublin house where Dev cross-dressed to meet his fellow rebels.