(krôs′ĕn-dôrs′mənt, krŏs′-)
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By using a cross-endorsement buy-sell plan funded with a permanent life insurance policy, the funds required to transfer the business efficiently will be available.
Case in point: The embattled Shays just endorsed Lieberman, forcing other top Republicans to disavow rumors of an official cross-endorsement and prompting Lieberman's campaign to nix the idea as well.
The electoral strategy report ruled out cross-endorsement or fusion by saying that the Labor Party will only run "Labor Party members running solely as Labor Party candidates" and that the "Labor Party will not endorse any other candidates.
Cross-endorsement was the main stumbling block in merger talks among Wisconsin's alternative parties.
org, calls for her prompt intervention to turn back the judicial cross-endorsement voting scheme reinstituted by Republican and Democratic party leaders in NY's 9th Judicial District (Westchester, Putnam, Duchess, Rockland, and Orange Counties) at this year's Judicial Nominating Conventions.
Laws in most states forbid cross-endorsement of candidates by more than one political party.
New York also allows fusion, or cross-endorsement, so a party can get established if a major party's nominee accepts its endorsement and that candidate gets 50,000 votes on the new party's line.
After 15 years, the cross-endorsement of judicial nominations scheme in the 9th Judicial District of New York is being rekindled.
Progressive activists, unions and other constituencies, it was hoped, could eventually demonstrate their independent strength, and in tight races their cross-endorsement might hold Democrats accountable.
In New York, where cross-endorsements are permitted, a smart voter can give expression to progressive values by voting on the basis of party, not personality.
Plans for the agreement include building on opportunities for co-promotion and cross-endorsements of the two companies' products.
Even with policy endorsements that clarify the employment status of leased workers and indicate appropriate cross-endorsements in the workers' compensation policies of both the client and the leasing company, companies that lease employees may unintentionally expose themselves to direct claims from which they would otherwise be protected.