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(krôs′fīl′, krŏs′-)
tr. & intr.v. cross-filed, cross-fil·ing, cross-files
To register (someone) or be registered as a candidate in the primaries of more than one political party.

cross′-fil′er n.


v.i., v.t. -filed, -fil•ing.
to register as a candidate in the primary elections of more than one party.
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Verb1.cross-file - have one's name listed as a candidate for several parties
campaign, run - run, stand, or compete for an office or a position; "Who's running for treasurer this year?"
slate - enter on a list or slate for an election; "He was slated for borough president"
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50-standard client/server protocols for cross-file searching.
0 of ISI Chemistry Server that allows cross-file searching of Reaction Center and the new Compound Center database.
Any waitress that wanted to would have to apply for the job, then file a complaint at the Equal Employment Opportunity Office, and cross-file the same complaint at the District's Office of Human Rights.
Other pioneering firsts from his laboratory at SRI International (then called the Stanford Research Institute) include two-dimensional display editing, in-file object addressing, linking, hypermedia, outline processing, flexible view control, multiple windows, cross-file editing, integrated hypermedia e-mail, hypermedia publishing, document version control, shared-screen teleconferencing, computer-aided meetings, context-sensitive help, distributed client-server architecture, uniform command syntax and protocols for virtual terminals.
In addition, the compilers can now perform cross-file optimizations that eliminate the size overhead associated with poor implementations of C++ constructs such as templates.
Nevertheless, InvisibleWeb is not a megasearch engine, and offers no cross-file searching.
0 of ISI Chemistry Server allows cross-file searching of Reaction Center and the new Compound Center database.
Advanced search functionalities on the new Questel-Orbit software include automatic searches for citations and legal status, grouping and de-duplicating, standardized patent numbers across the primary patent databases for cross-file searches, and new standardized GET macros to enhanced statistical analysis in patent databases using the MEMS statistical analysis tool.