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THE coracle--as I had ample reason to know before I was done with her--was a very safe boat for a person of my height and weight, both buoyant and clever in a sea- way; but she was the most cross-grained, lop-sided craft to manage.
He was a cross-grained man, oppressed by a large family, and he resented the superciliousness which he fancied he saw in Philip.
sire, I regret sincerely, and you will regret as I do, the old days when the king of France saw in every vestibule those insolent gentlemen, lean, always swearing - cross-grained mastiffs, who could bite mortally in the hour of danger or of battle.
Bunn, as they went away; "but he's a good mixer and never gets cross-grained.
I'm not a cross-grained man by natu', I believe; and easy satisfied, I'm sure.
It was my old cross-grained companion, Professor Summerlee.
And so calling-over rolls on somehow, much like the big world, punishments lighting on wrong shoulders, and matters going generally in a queer, cross-grained way, but the end coming somehow, which is, after all, the great point.