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(krôs′pŏl′ə-nāt′, krŏs′-)
tr.v. cross-pol·li·nat·ed, cross-pol·li·nat·ing, cross-pol·li·nates
1. To pollinate (a flower) by means of cross-pollination.
2. To influence or inspire (another), especially in a reciprocal manner.
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Adj.1.cross-pollinating - of or relating to or characteristic of cross-pollination
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Wednesday talk with James Nares, a painter, sculptor and filmmaker who was part of the celebrated 1970s No Wave movement of cross-pollinating filmmakers, musicians and artists.
But in the 19th century, English breeders started cross-pollinating to produce classics we enjoy today such as Cox's Orange Pippin and Bramley.
If you grow multiple open-pollinated varieties of a cross-pollinating crop, you'll need to separate the varieties by distance or barriers; otherwise, the pollen will mix and the resulting seed will produce a combination of the varieties.
The studies here consider theory and practice for field and vegetable crops and self-pollinating and cross-pollinating species.
Sometimes, it is not even possible to obtain seed by cross-pollinating seedlings that have come from the same seed parent (i.
Lucian Freud: The Painter's Etchings" compiled and with commentary by Starr Figura showcases 128 illustrations which comprised The Museum of Modern' Art's major exhibition of Lucian's work and represent the breadth of his work with twenty-two paintings and seven drawings encompassing a diversity of themes involving the human form, portraitures, landscapes, dogs, and Lucien's unique multi-medium cross-pollinating diversity of mediums.
The initiative, spurred by Silk Road, which focuses on Asian and Middle-Eastern American works, "aims at cross-pollinating audiences and expanding the makeup of the art from the ground up," says artistic director Jamil Khoury.
These county-by-county bans bring up a puzzling question: How are farmers in Marin County going to stop neighboring Sonoma's GMO cooties from wafting across the county line and cross-pollinating their GMO-free crops?
P&G) is cross-pollinating its household cleaning brands, bringing the scent and the odor-removing capabilities of its Febreze brand to its Tide, Downy and Bounce laundry product lines.
Genetically modified seed blowing over from a neighbor's field cross-pollinating with non-GMO crops would not only produce a crop they don't want, but also make the neighbor liable for theft of patented property.
Canadians began cross-pollinating the rape plants, and by the 1970s developed a variety that contains less than two percent erucic acid.