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Adj.1.cross-shaped - shaped in the form of a cross
formed - having or given a form or shape
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Hairy--too hairy, and when found in the water more than likely to hide a cross-shaped hook.
He looked round like a man who has lost his way; and he saw a dark smudge, a cross-shaped stain, upon the shifting purity of the mist.
The masterpiece, which experts believe was painted between 1500 and 1510, depicts the Madonna with the infant Jesus holding a cross-shaped yarnwinder.
The magnificent cross-shaped keep of Warkworth Castle in Northumberland, crowning a hilltop rising steeply above the River Coquet, dominates one of the largest and most impressive fortresses in northern England.
On a picture-perfect Southern California day, young and old came to Vasa Park to celebrate all things Swedish at this year's festival, and to raise the maypole - a 30-foot, cross-shaped pole decorated with birch and wildflowers representing the beginning of summer.
A grid of nine slender steel columns, each cross-shaped in plan, supports the roof.
In the example shown, a cross-shaped structure suspended over a silicon surface vibrates at a precise frequency.
Let the kids be the Kings and Queens of Warkworth Castle - the magnificent cross-shaped keep dominates one of the largest, strongest and most impressive fortresses in northern England.
The "Einstein Cross", a famous cosmic mirage, is a cross-shaped configuration consisting of four images of a single very distant source.
As you get closer to Aber, the path passes through the cross-shaped forest plantation that is such a striking landmark from the A55 below, or from the coastal rail line
The hotel pool was covered with a cross-shaped runway.
During his early years at Nintendo, Yokoi led the company's entry into the video game space, creating the Game & Watch -- a credit card-sized video game that introduced the cross-shaped directional pad.