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 (krôs′bŏd′ē, krŏs′-)
1. Designed to be worn on one side of the body with the strap looped over the opposite shoulder, as a bag or purse.
2. Positioned or performed with an arm or leg crossed from one side of the body to the other: a crossbody goal.
3. Positioned across an opponent's body, as in wrestling.
In a crossbody manner: wore the bag crossbody.
Something worn, positioned, or performed in a crossbody manner.
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CROSSBODY BAGS If you don't want to dance around your handbag, invest in a crossbody bag, as worn by Meghan Markle steal HER STYLE JOURDAN DUNN The 27-year-old model was pretty in pink working the trend for pastels at New York Fashion Week.
We don't generally see a royal with a crossbody bag," she (http://www.
Among the other bestsellers of Quilladiva are the crossbody bags which include the Tassel Zipper Bucket Crossbody purse made of faux leather and gold tone hardware with adjustable shoulder strap.
Last thing I bought and liked: 'Symthson Crossbody Bag.
If, like me, you wore one on holiday back in the early 90s, then maybe sling it crossbody.
com 5 HELLO SUNSHINE Think of summer days every time you look at this yellow suede crossbody bag, PS35.
Therefore, a crossbody bag or a bag with a long strap is the way to go.
The two-tone leather bag with celestial-inspired appliques has a removable shoulder strap, so think party clutch or everyday crossbody.
Parrot print dress, PS46; mini crossbody bag, PS22; heels, PS35
99; Maroon crossbody bag $54-99; Necklaces $39-99 and $49-99