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Like a bolt from a crossbow my splendid craft shot its steel prow straight at the whirring propellers of the giant above us.
To proceed: every time he passed with his vessel he anchored in a cove that was not two crossbow shots from the garden where Zoraida was waiting; and there the renegade, together with the two Moorish lads that rowed, used purposely to station himself, either going through his prayers, or else practising as a part what he meant to perform in earnest.
Virginia crossbow hunters now enjoy a 45 percent success rate, compared to 36 percent for conventional archers.
For instance, in my native state of Utah a hunter may use a crossbow only during archery season, after applying for and obtaining a disability exemption.
A toothpick for ammunition may not seem particularly dangerous, but when swapped with a metal needle, the crossbow becomes a weapon.
As a teenager I tried making a crossbow using a section of a car leaf spring for the prod.
For each crossbow or bow sold between June 1 and Nov.
Nearly all states allow hunters to use a crossbow as one form of archery equipment.
B), a US-based company that designs, manufactures, and integrates precision control components and systems, has acquired US-based, Crossbow Technology, Inc.
However, a statistical analysis of accident rates comparing crossbow hunters with vertical bow hunters over the last 30 years reveals identical safety records.
I picked one, eased the crossbow up, put the scope's red dot right behind her shoulder, and very gently squeezed the trigger.
For the record, Bowhunter has never served crossbow hunters, but let's be clear: We support all legitimate and legal outdoors sports.