(krôs′kôrt′, krŏs′-)
adv. & adj.
To or toward the other side of a playing court, especially a basketball or tennis court.


(ˈkrɔsˈkɔrt, -ˈkoʊrt, ˈkrɒs-)

adj., adv.
to the opposite or diagonally opposite side of the court, as in tennis or basketball.


[ˈkrɒsˌkɔːt] adj (Tennis) crosscourt shotdiagonale m
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If I want to hit a backhand crosscourt, it's going to be a backhand crosscourt.
In one four-shot succession, she drove still one more forehand over the baseline, jammed a crosscourt forehand winner into the backhand court, then another forehand over the line, then another crosscourt forehand winner.
Hitting deeper and deeper, Nadal broke again in the 11th game as Federer's level began to dip and he sealed the first set with a huge crosscourt forehand winner after 62 minutes.
Soderling then summoned up another trio of aces to give himself set point four games later and went a set up with a low crosscourt backhand that kicked off the line.
And when Murray's running crosscourt forehand went out, it handed match point to the American, who made no mistake, his fizzing serve forcing Murray to return into the net.
Repeating her sterling performance, Ushna dazzled with lovely crosscourt shots and sizzling serves in both matches and winning the ties with ease and comfort.
Murray finally ended the opening set with a 10-8 success thanks to a crosscourt double-handed backhand.
A stylish crosscourt forehand sent Davydenko into the final.
But with dark clouds gathering above Centre Court, Roddick broke again, drawing Melzer into the net and punishing him with a crosscourt forehand.
The second set was even closer, with no break points on offer, but this time it was Vliegen who seized the initiative in the tie-break, producing a winning crosscourt forehand on Verdasco's serve to level the match.
Soderling held serve for 4-1 but Federer, who had never lost to Soderling in nine previous matches, kept up the pressure and clinched the first set on the Swede's serve with a crosscourt passing shot.
The world number two faced a break point at 3-4 down in the third set against Haas, saving it with a wonderful inside-out crosscourt forehand.