(krôs′kôrt′, krŏs′-)
adv. & adj.
To or toward the other side of a playing court, especially a basketball or tennis court.


(ˈkrɔsˈkɔrt, -ˈkoʊrt, ˈkrɒs-)

adj., adv.
to the opposite or diagonally opposite side of the court, as in tennis or basketball.


[ˈkrɒsˌkɔːt] adj (Tennis) crosscourt shotdiagonale m
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From a 24-22 deficit in the fourth set, the Lady Warriors fought their way back and tied at 24-all when Shaya Adorador converted with a crosscourt kill.
With a mix of slice and chips, lobs and bunts, whippy half-volleys and wristy crosscourt ground strokes off both wings, Hsieh pushed Kerber to the extremes and unsettled her rhythm.
Gradually Edmund's serve began to click, and a ferocious backhand crosscourt pass secured a break in the second set.
Bacsinszky looked to have made the conclusive one in game nine, passing 58th-ranked Bertens at the net with a crosscourt forehand on the fourth deuce point.
Bryan Bagunas fired a crosscourt spike and Kim Malabunga provided an excellent block to seal NU's victory.
He played brilliant nicks, drops and crosscourt strokes to rout Tayyab.
He saved two match points, but Nishikori was eyeing for the right chance when in the third he made a backhand crosscourt that finally sealed the fate of Federer.
But Williams, who has slipped to 63rd in the world after two years of illness or injury, showed her experience on the big points and, after levelling at a set-all, ruined Halep's hopes of celebrating her 22nd birthday on Friday still alive in the tournament with a blistering crosscourt forehand on her first match point.
And Nadal wrapped things up after one hour and 17 minutes with a crosscourt forehand.
Nadal broke the Russian's serve on five occasions in the 75-minute encounter, wrapping up victory with a neat crosscourt clip.
Bhupathi played a clever crosscourt backhand that left Zimonjic stranded at 6- 6 and then Llodra hit a smash winner to conclude a dramatic 47- minute set.
The Swiss had also won more than once from two sets down at Wimbledon but, after two comfortable holds at the start of the third, he was pummelled into submission again by Murray's crosscourt backhand.