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 (krôs′kûr′ənt, -kŭr′-, krŏs′-)
1. A current flowing across another current.
2. A conflicting tendency, inclination, or movement: a crosscurrent of dissent; sociopolitical crosscurrents.


1. (Physical Geography) a current in a river or sea flowing across another current
2. a conflicting tendency moving counter to the usual trend


(ˈkrɔsˌkɜr ənt, -ˌkʌr-, ˈkrɒs-)

1. a current, as in a stream, moving across the main current.
2. Often, crosscurrents. a conflicting tendency or movement.
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Noun1.crosscurrent - a stretch of turbulent water in a river or the sea caused by one current flowing into or across another current
turbulence, turbulency - unstable flow of a liquid or gas
2.crosscurrent - actions counter to the main group activity; "political crosscurrents disrupted the conference"
strife - bitter conflict; heated often violent dissension
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The publisher has provided a separate chart slipped into the inside back cover to crosscurrent the eleven and nine -- a kind of intricate "place-logic" of early modern utopias that would have sent a Peter Ramus or Fr.
In the company's Springmaid Bed-in-a-Bag introductions, Springs is offering three life-style collections: Expressions, Romantics and Crosscurrent in three constructions from 180 to 200 thread counts.
Symmetry-controlled autotrawl systems change the length of the warps to minimize crosscurrent and also increase the symmetry of the trawl in relation to the tow direction.
Damien also plays with the band CrossCurrent and helps to run Focal Music, an agency he set up with fellow music graduates.
dollar remained little changed in the lower 92-yen level Tuesday morning in Tokyo, as its movement was caught up in a crosscurrent of buying and selling.
ADVANCE/NEW YORK, April 26 /PRNewswire/ -- American companies are plagued by a crosscurrent of forces that undercut their ability to compete globally, according to a national survey by Alexander & Alexander Services Inc.
MEDIAN revolutionizes the way health care Providers and Payers communicate, in much the same way email changed business communication," said Dennis McNannay, CEO of CrossCurrent, Inc.
MEDIAN is a solution developed by CrossCurrent, Inc.
According to John Thatch, CEO of OnScreen, "Chula Vista's high technology partners in this groundbreaking project included: SPAWAR Headquarters, SPAWAR Systems Center San Diego, Antin Engineering, TechAlt, Qualcomm, Nextel, Proxim, Intervoice, Emergency Email Network, CrossCurrent, CellExchange, CASE Technology and of course OnScreen(TM).
Today (noon) Lillias Kinsman Blake, flute and fiddle player and member of the group CrossCurrent; (1pm) Laura Thirkell, clog dancer; (2pm) Rachael McShane, main singer, and cellist, with CrossCurrent and a member of Bellowhead, named best live act in the BBC Folk Awards.
To be sure, CrossCurrents resides at the margins of this issue.
A colleague returned from a conference where, she informed me, the word was out that Crosscurrents is now conservative.