crosscut saw

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crosscut saw

A saw for cutting wood across the grain.

crosscut saw

(Tools) a saw for cutting timber across the grain

cross′cut saw′

a saw for cutting across the grain.

Crosscut saw

A large-toothed saw used for sawing down and cutting up trees. The two-man version was about five feet long, flexible, and a few inches wide. It had a handle on each end so that a person at each end could pull the saw back and forth. One-man saws were slightly shorter, wider and stiffer, and only had a handle at one end. There were, however, handles available for attaching to the other end that allowed two people to power the saw.
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Noun1.Crosscut saw - handsaw that cuts at right angles to the grain (or major axis)crosscut saw - handsaw that cuts at right angles to the grain (or major axis)
carpenter's saw, hand saw, handsaw - a saw used with one hand for cutting wood
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Also playing: Crosscut Saw, J44, Blue Traffic, Kendall James Band.
Eleven machines are included instead of 10 because crosscut saw and moulder are not listed in the top 10 machines by percentage use for Architectural Millwork and for Cabinets and Furniture respectively.
UO alumna Ana Maria Spagna documents her many years spent doing seasonal maintenance on remote hiking trails in the Pacific Northwest in her book, "Now Go Home: Wilderness, Belonging and the Crosscut Saw.
The Model 183 Alpha CrossLock features a three-inch sculpted spear-point stainless steel main blade and a three-inch crosscut saw blade on one edge and a patented gutting-skinning hook on the other.
It has a 3-inch sculpted spear-point blade and a 3-inch blade that combines a tapered aggressive crosscut saw on one edge and Buck's patented gutting-skinning hook on the other.
If a single length is enough, use a sharp crosscut saw to cut the worktop to size, then dress with a plane and lightly sand.
Also new to the fair this year, the Hank Peters Lumberjack Show will feature log rolling, ax carving demonstrations, canoe jousting, a crosscut saw versus chainsaw competition and a springboard chopping competition.
The US-X Series allows manufacturers to dedicate their existing horizontal panel saw to rip cutting and send linear strips to the crosscut saw, thereby increasing production while minimizing the use of floor space.
He readily admits it's a labour of love and with his committee he probably spends too much time answering e-mails from bands looking to play the club or enthusiasts looking for information, and booking the eclectic roster of musicians, like Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges, Crosscut Saw and the Poor Boys.
Numbers indicating the crosscut saw and straight-line ripsaw to which each part was assigned are given in parentheses to the right of the part quantities.
William Sullivan reads from his book, "Cabin Fever: Notes From a Part-Time Pioneer," a chronicle of his 25 summers spent building a log cabin with his wife using not much more than an ax and a crosscut saw.
In the past, if a caber could not be thrown, contestants would use a two-handed crosscut saw and trim an inch at a time until one could finally lift it.