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v. i.1.To flow across, or in a contrary direction.
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DT crossflows are available with different porosity levels and in capacities from 200 to 7,000 gallons per hour.
VA Filtration has a wide range of different types of crossflow filters that have membranes from microfiltration to nanofiltration.
Gusmer Enterprises is the North American distributor of Bucher Vaslin Crossflow filters.
Tamanend Wine Services provides onsite services on the East Coast for crossflow filtration, reverse osmosis and Velcorin treatment.
Tangent Membranes specializes in custom-built crossflow systems.
The similarity of the pressure distribution at this location, where the local loadings are high, also suggests why the rolling moments are almost identical for the sheared and unsheared crossflows, as shown in Table 3.
The overall force and moment coefficients have been derived for the two cars in a sheared and unsheared crossflow, where the mean yaw angle in both cases is 10[degrees].
In a sheared crossflow the windward edge of the roof could experience higher velocities.
An explanation for the similarity in aerodynamic loading between the sheared and uniform crossflow conditions can be seen in Figure 10.
Only steady crossflow conditions were assessed and it would be helpful to know the effects of including turbulence and transience in the crosswind input.
These crossflows give rise to forward and backward mixing.
The extent of the resulting mix depends on the number of crossflow paths present in the overall mixing-section geometry.