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 (krôs′hăch′, krŏs′-)
tr.v. cross·hatched, cross·hatch·ing, cross·hatch·es
To mark or shade with two or more intersecting sets of parallel lines.
1. A pattern made by such lines.
2. The symbol (#).

cross′-hatch′ing n.
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Adj.1.crosshatched - shaded by means of fine parallel or crossed lines
shaded - (of pictures or drawings) drawn or painted with degrees or gradations of shadow; "the shaded areas of the face seemed to recede"
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The changes transform the car with a new nose - devoid of double chevron grille - featuring a crosshatched affair with winged chrome surround as well as LED lights that adjust for corners.
ASTM D3359-09 is the standard testing method for measuring adhesion, by tape testing over crosshatched cuts made on the heat-fused graphic (Figure 6).
Continuing with premium design and attention to details, the Win HD LTE features metal finishing, state of the art soft touch feel, and precision crosshatched patterns on the side keys, to ensure you will enjoy your smartphone from top to bottom.
Made from luxuriously silky cotton sateen, it has a bright red tropical flower pattern on a crosshatched blue and black background.
You won't be able to give it pronounced crosshatched grill lines, and its shape gives you thin, squiggly slices rather than wide planks.
Powerful crosshatched mask-like graphite heads commemorating the disappeared of Chile were visible through the chancel arches, forming both a frame and almost another prison; a clump of sculptures in wood crouched under the ornately budding pulpitum, nakedly wrenched in pain, with a hollowed-out Our Lady of Sorrows expressing starkly the agony of mother Eve as well as Mary, powerless to protect her child.
It can take as much as a gallon to reach the FULL mark from the lowest point on the crosshatched area of the dipstick.
The traditional dove-versus-hawk debate is now crosshatched by an isolationism-versus-engagement cleavage, all of which is overlain with a deep mistrust of all government institutions.
intersections, as well as a segment-wide improvement to pedestrian facilities including restriped, crosshatched crosswalks and pedestrian countdown heads.
He crossed the road and at some stage he was within the crosshatched area.
Children will love the gentle versed text and the carefully crosshatched illustrations in subdued greens and browns, light and shade.
Where can it be found again, / An elsewhere world, beyond // Maps and atlases, / Where all is woven into // And of itself, like a nest / Of crosshatched grass blades?