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 (krôs′hĕd′, krŏs′-)
A beam that connects the piston rod to the connecting rod of a reciprocating engine.


1. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) printing a subsection or paragraph heading printed within the body of the text
2. (Mechanical Engineering) a block or beam, usually restrained by sliding bearings in a reciprocating mechanism, esp the junction piece between the piston rod and connecting rod of an engine
3. (Nautical Terms) nautical a bar fixed across the top of the rudder post to which the tiller is attached
4. (Mechanical Engineering) a block, rod, or beam fixed at the head of any part of a mechanism


(ˈkrɔsˌhɛd, ˈkrɒs-)

a sliding member of a reciprocating engine for keeping the motion of the joint between a piston rod and a connecting rod in a straight line.
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Noun1.crosshead - a heading of a subsection printed within the body of the text
header, heading, head - a line of text serving to indicate what the passage below it is about; "the heading seemed to have little to do with the text"
2.crosshead - metal block that connects to a piston; it slides on parallel guides and moves a connecting rod back and forth
block - a solid piece of something (usually having flat rectangular sides); "the pyramids were built with large stone blocks"
steam engine - external-combustion engine in which heat is used to raise steam which either turns a turbine or forces a piston to move up and down in a cylinder
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And deep in the half-light other rods dodged deliberately to and fro, crossheads nodded, discs of metal rubbed smoothly against each other, slow and gentle, in a commingling of shadows and gleams.
Parameters used in the first test were loading mode (monotonic and cyclic), crosshead speed (1 mm/min and 5 [micro]m/min) and the applied strain (up to 0.
The essential difference was based on the fact that the material we were molding had been tested at a crosshead speed of 0.
With the use of the X-RAY 6000 as measuring head at the hot end, directly after the extruder or after a first vacuum tank/cooling trough, it is possible to rapidly center the crosshead and to control the line speed or extruder RPM.
The line contains six different kit lengths in both a 6" and 9" crosshead design that can be adjusted to fit windows and doors between 10" and 200".
If you can see a flat spot (or halt of load) in the graph at the approximate weight of the crosshead, this indicates there is a substantial gap in the threads.
Whereas conventional methods of changing wall thicknesses require disassembling the crosshead and swapping internal flow pieces designed for each specific wall type, this design allows the manufacturer to change layer-wall thickness without shutting down the extruder.
Replaceable crosshead wear band eliminates excessive wear and frequent replacement of the crosshead piston.
Dumas"), Canada's largest full-service underground mine contracting firm and a leader in safety, has recently been awarded the 2010 Worker Safety Innovation Award by the Ontario Mine Contractors Safety Association (OMCSA) for the Dumas Crosshead Design.
The DSREV rubber extruder is available with a Model 2000 crosshead and Uth Rollex 70 gear pump/strainer system with a two-roll feeder.
The study observed a ductile-to-brittle transition in fracture behavior by decreasing the crosshead speed and increasing temperature.
The system uses crosshead profile dies to coextrude fiber tows and unidirectional tapes as continuous axial reinforcement in the extruded profile.