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Noun1.crossing guard - someone who helps people (especially children) at a traffic crossingcrossing guard - someone who helps people (especially children) at a traffic crossing
lollipop lady, lollipop woman - a woman hired to help children cross a road safely near a school
traffic cop - a policeman who controls the flow of automobile traffic
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Antul, a crossing guard at the school for many years who is retiring.
The following section describes the City%s needs and requirements for professional crossing guard services.
As part of the celebration, schools will take part in group walks with school and community officials, crossing guards and police.
People smile and wave - wish them Happy Crossing Guard Appreciation Day.
The plans would see a sixth of school crossing guards lost, from areas all over Wirral.
org) is preparing a handbook on setting up crossing guard programs.
It's almost as effective as a crossing guard holding up a red stop sign.
SEAN Penn, who did such a remarkable job as the doomed killer in Dead Man Walking, is on the other side of the camera directing THE CROSSING GUARD, an intriguing tale of revenge.
Anthony Timko had retired from his job as a machinist at Picker International after suffering a heart attack, and took the job as a crossing guard in front of Our Lady of Mount Carmel school.
The City of Delray Beach is seeking competitive bids for School Crossing Guard Services for the Police Department.
In a way, being a crossing guard is a little like being a mailman.
The basic fine for these violations is standard across the state--$50 for disobeying a crossing guard and $150 for passing a school bus flashing its warning signals.