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Noun1.crossover voter - a voter who is registered as a member of one political party but who votes in the primary of another party
elector, voter - a citizen who has a legal right to vote
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The Tribune's Morgan Smith wrote, "Martinez Fischer's supporters have argued that his defeat was the result of low turnout and Republican crossover voters - factors that shouldn't come into play during the upcoming race, a March primary in a presidential year.
But McCain had a different bar to cross than Palin in his prime-time address to the nation - promoting himself as the best candidate at the top of the ticket and appealing to crossover voters wowed by a high-impact Democratic convention a week earlier.
It is hard to say what the precise impact will be," said Michael Alvarez, a political science professor at California Institute of Technology, who was among those nonpartisan crossover voters who received the wrong ballot.
the coalitional district would have enough crossover voters to actually
Basically, Woolard and Liane Levitan split the white Democratic vote in the district, along with some crossover voters," says Alan Abramowitz, a political scientist at Atlanta's Emory University.
Table 15 presents more detailed information about the White crossover voters in the three statewide samples in which we have Latino candidates running for office (the November 1994 race for Insurance Commissioner, the June 1998 race for Attorney General, and the November 1998 race for Lieutenant Governor), and in the four Los Angeles City samples where, again, we have Latino candidates running for office (the two April 2001 races and the two June 2001 races for mayor and city attorney).
What phrase was coined to describe voters who abandoned their party to vote for Reagan in 19807 a crossover voters b Independents c hidden Republicans d Reagan Democrats
Even after Grandy began to court crossover voters in the last three weeks of the campaign, there was little discussion by either candidate of religiously related issues or of Branstad's support from the Christian Coalition.
5 presidential primary, Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder's Office officials said Wednesday that a new ballot format and instructions will be used in the June 3 statewide primary election to help crossover voters.
The assumption that crossover voters would help moderate candidates is supported by several academic studies.
Primaries are held three months later; most nonendorsed candidates drop out after the state conventions, but some count on the open nature of the Minnesota primary system voters may take either party's ballot in the primary, and crossover voters are often crucial to the outcome - and choose to contest the November ballot spot.
Democrats took a big hit Saturday in San Antonio's mayoral race, with a coalition of conservative and crossover voters narrowly defeating former state Sen.