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 (krôs′rōd′, krŏs′-)
1. A road that intersects another road.
2. crossroads(used with a sing. or pl. verb)
a. A place where two or more roads meet.
b. A small, usually rural community situated at an intersection of two or more roads: asked for directions at a remote crossroads.
c. A place that is centrally located: "Even after the effective end of the French empire in Africa by 1960, Paris remained a crossroads for African students and diplomats" (Tyler Stovall).
d. A crucial point: "At midlife, couples are at a crossroads of change, just as individuals are" (Judith Wallerstein).


1. (Human Geography) a road that crosses another road
2. (Human Geography) Also called: crossway a road that crosses from one main road to another


(ˈkrɔsˌroʊd, ˈkrɒs-)

1. a road that crosses another road, or one that runs transversely to main roads.
2. Often, crossroads. (used with a sing. or pl. v.)
a. a place where roads intersect.
b. a point at which a vital decision must be made.
c. a main center of activity or assembly.
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Noun1.crossroad - a junction where one street or road crosses anothercrossroad - a junction where one street or road crosses another
street corner, turning point, corner - the intersection of two streets; "standing on the corner watching all the girls go by"
junction - the place where two or more things come together
grade crossing, level crossing - intersection of a railway and a road on the same level; barriers close road when trains pass
road, route - an open way (generally public) for travel or transportation


A decisive point.Used in plural:
References in classic literature ?
The count's tutor was well acquainted with the country; he consequently proposed to take a crossroad, which lay between that of Lens and that of Bethune.
Up hill and down dale walked Little John, the fresh wind blowing in his face and his robes fluttering behind him, and so at last he came to a crossroad that led to Tuxford.
That's the house--all alone at the Iron Dike crossroad, same as you see here on the map--without another within earshot.
Only once did I perceive a human being, and that was at the intersection of our crossroad with the wide, white turnpike which cuts each cultivated district longitudinally at its exact center.
I came into the road between the crossroads and Horsell, and ran along this to the crossroads.
So back we went and round by the crossroads, but by the time we got to the bridge it was very nearly dark; we could just see that the water was over the middle of it; but as that happened sometimes when the floods were out, master did not stop.
Presently we found ourselves at four crossroads, with a four-fingered post in the centre.
At the crossroads by Gazetoy Place, where there are always crowds of carriages and sledges, Alexey Alexandrovitch suddenly heard his name called out in such a loud and cheerful voice that he could not help looking round.
When you come to the crossroads the turn to the left will take you to Glen Ellen by Bennett Peak-- that's it there.
They are going to the crossroads, to hold a public meeting and--of course--make speeches.
Look here, Swiftwater, there's a crossroads right ahead, with lots of gates, but it'll take us backcountry clear into Berkeley.
Sir Patrick had left the responsibility of superintending the crossroads on her shoulders.