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croup 1

A pathological condition of the larynx, especially in infants and children, that is characterized by respiratory difficulty and a hoarse, brassy cough.

[From dialectal croup, to croak.]

croup′ous (kro͞o′pəs), croup′y adj.

croup 2

The rump of a beast of burden, especially a horse.

[Middle English croupe, from Old French, of Germanic origin.]
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Adj.1.croupy - resembling or arising from or indicating croup
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Down that ipecac went, not only once, but many times during the long, anxious night when the two little girls worked patiently over the suffering Minnie May, and Young Mary Joe, honestly anxious to do all she could, kept up a roaring fire and heated more water than would have been needed for a hospital of croupy babies.
Spong--is a wonderful remedy for croupy coughs in children.
After discontinuation of propranolol, the patient had 2 more ED visits due to croupy cough and chest retractions.