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or crow·dy  (kro͞o′dē, krō′-, kro͝od′ē)
n. pl. crow·dies Scots
1. A soft white cheese made from soured milk.
2. Porridge; gruel.

[Origin unknown.]


1. (Cookery) a porridge of meal and water; brose
2. (Cookery) a cheese-like dish made by straining the whey from soured milk and beating up the remaining curd with salt
[C17: of unknown origin]
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My cheese bon bons were stunning - Crowdie cheese, soft and slightly sour, wrapped in an amaretti crumb with frothy bubbles of Parmesan air.
And both he and Cyrus attempt to persuade a distinguished cheese–maker to add vanilla paste to her legendary crowdie cheese.
Oakwood's Anthony Crowdie said: "To have two signed shirts from one of Wales' greatest ever cyclists is incredible, and we're sure they will attract a lot of interest at the charity show.
For dessert I chose the crowdie, a Scottish dish of raspberries, whisky-flavoured toasted oats and vanilla ice cream.
It also handles the marketing and distribution for some of the country's smaller producers, like the Inverloch Cheese Co of Campeltown, Kintyre and Highland Fine Cheeses of Tain, Rosshire, whose artisan cheesemaker Ruaraidh Stone produces local specialities such as Crowdie, Caboc Gruth Dhu and Hramsa.
CROWDIE AND 400g Katy Rodger's grated cheese freshly SALTED PASTRY B A S e 4 large eggs 1/2 nutmeg, Crowdie 250g plain flour 80g Knockraich squash 1 butternut 1 tsp salt 125g butter, straight from the 1 aubergine 1 garlic clove, crushed ground fridge, Olive oil Sea salt and freshly cubed 1 egg 35ml cold water for pepper 1 egg beaten glazing
For breakfast we had Skye berries, local yog hurt with Scottish honey, porridge and cheeses including local delicacy Crowdie.
But many may be hoping they can emulate the success of Highland Fine Cheese in Tain, manufacturer of the noted Crowdie and Caboc brands and which is shortly to reintroduce Strathdon Blue.
Value: 3/5 - OK TOTAL 18/30 HOW TO MAKE THE PERFECT CHEESE DISH HIGHLAND HEART WITH FILLING Serves two 1 Connage Dairy Highland Heart cheese 1 160g pot of Connage Dairy Crowdie 20g of dried porcini mushrooms, finely chopped Freshly milled black pepper.
Crowdie is a traditionally Scottish soft cheese which you will find in good delicatessens or specialist cheese shops Hull the strawberries and cut them into thin slices, top and tail the red onion and slice thinly lengthwise.
Farmhouse or artisan products, such as Crowdie from Connage Highland Dairy, differ from more mass-produced products.
Lewis' star potential was spotted by producers of BBC Scotland's lavish new Gaelic drama Gruth Is Uachdar - which translates as Crowdie and Cream.