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The act of fundraising by using the internet or a similar network to solicit funds from a large pool of potential donors.

[crowd + fund + -ing.]

crowd′fund′ v.


the funding of a project by a large number of supporters who each contribute a small amount
ˈcrowdˌfund vb
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Foreseeing the risk, in the UAE, the Securities and Commodities Authority has raised the alarm about all digital, token-based fundraising activities or investment schemes, whether referred to as initial coin offerings, ICOs, initial token offerings, token presale, or token crowdsale.
The Pre-Sale phase of the crowdsale is scheduled to happen over a span of four weeks, effective January 10th, 2018.
In order to participate in the crowdsale, this really goes back to raising the bar of best practices, anyone who wants to actually send Ethereum to the address and receive Bread tokens needs to pre-register, submit verification and identification, undergo a background check, and then register their wallet by sending a very small amount of ether to the test address," Lasher said.
Crowdsale for MAVO Tokens starts 6 November 2017 at 23:30 (GMT).
The virtual currency will be made available as a result of Cappasity's upcoming $50M token crowdsale scheduled for the end of September.
As a part of its fundraising initiative, Cajutel has launched the crowdsale of its CAJ tokens.
A maximum total of 12,400,786 OneGramCoin tokens (OGC) will be sold, making it the largest cryptocurrency crowdsale goal in history, it added.
GetGems after striking a deal with venture capital firm Magma VC has added $400,000 USD to the money it already raised in its crowdsale.
After the token crowdsale was over, DMarket performed its financial audit.
The crowdsale will now run through December 1 and will be supported by a special offer: all DMarket presale contributors will receive a 15% extra bonus on the DreamTeam Token sale Phase #1, and all DMarket crowdsale contributors will get a 7% bonus during the DreamTeam Token sale Phase #1.
The last time it tried a crowdsale, in 2014, the digital sovereign (http://bitcoinist.