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A method of outsourcing work over the internet or similar network by appealing to people to contribute to the project independently or as a collaboration.

crowd′source′ v.


(Commerce) to outsource work to an unspecified group of people, typically by making an appeal to the general public on the internet
[c21: from crowd + (out)source]
ˈcrowdsourcing n
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Google's team responsible for Pixel phone software, settings, and device configuration went on Reddit yesterday to crowdsource some Android users' major complaints about everyday usage of the smartphone, the Verge reports.
The current state of the logistics industry makes this an opportune time to crowdsource.
For example, Boudreau and Lakhani (2013), suggested that, if a client firm wants to crowdsource a design task or creative project, a contest-oriented platform should be selected.
CrowdSource Swansea-based workforce services provider declared that it is rebranding itself as OneSpace.
The city's request for such "report cards" is evidence of a targeted strategy to go beyond menial help and to also crowdsource data collection.
Other reasons for organizations to crowdsource the solving of their problems and innovation challenges include the lack of internal knowledge, limitations in terms of human and financial resources, and the need to avoid solutions too much shaped by institutional practices and business logic.
Scientists Want You to Help Crowdsource Night Lights.
Pepera- mi did use crowdsourcing to create a TV spot last year, while VisitBritain worked with Genero to crowdsource origi- nal film content for a digital campaign.
The company offers travelers the opportunity to crowdsource flights or purchase seats on crowdsourced flights directly from an iOS or Android app.
Next up is the joint Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics project to crowdsource metadata creation for 19 historic logbooks of galaxy images.
Researchers recently utilized Android phones to crowdsource air temperature readings from eight different cities across the globe.
Building on the DNI directive on analytic outreach and the work of Global Trends 2025, the IC could conduct a pilot program and crowdsource an intelligence problem to the world over the Internet.