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or crow·dy  (kro͞o′dē, krō′-, kro͝od′ē)
n. pl. crow·dies Scots
1. A soft white cheese made from soured milk.
2. Porridge; gruel.

[Origin unknown.]
References in classic literature ?
Why, there is country left, it is true, for such as have money, and ar' not particular in the choice," returned the emigrant; "but to my taste, it is getting crowdy.
The bus stands were giving a crowdy and festive look with arrival of passengers,who came back from different areas of the country after spending eid holidays with their near and dear ones.
Photographer Howard Crowdy said he came across "broken bottles, dirty nappies, discarded shoes, towels" during his visit to Myrtleville beach in Co Cork.
Up the NSW North coast between Old Bar Harrington and Crowdy Head there is rock, unofficially named 'Lawso's Rock', but that's another story in the long career of a great friend and mentor to many.
5) Les etapes d'un Soldat de I'Empire (1800-1815): Souvenirs du Capitaine Desboeufs, by Marc Desboeufs [c] 1901 (partial translation: Terry Crowdy, French Napoleonic Infantryman 1803-15, [c] 2002, Osprey Publishing
For example, in a crowdy situation people walk slowly or even stand still for short moment of time.
He has taken an original approach to playing Gypsy Swing by teaming up with three other members Kevin Nolan, Ducato Piotrowski and Andy Crowdy.
CROWDY, Analytical solutions for uniform potential flow past multiple cylinders, Eur.
He said, "I had recieved a lot of reports that Migaloo was coming past Sydney, Port Stephens, Crowdy Bay.
He said that presently the commuters have to experience the dirty dingy ride on of the old Peshawar transport facilities, whether it be a noisy rickshaw or crowdy local bus.
Deceiving Hitler: Double Cross and Deception in World War II, by Kent author Terry Crowdy, looks at how Owens helped to fool Hitler and the Germans after becoming a double agent for the German Abwehr and Britain's Security Service MI5 in the 1930s.
Alan Saunders was bitten by a Grey Nurse Shark while fishing at a beach in the town of Crowdy Head.