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or crum·horn  (krŭm′hôrn′)
A wind instrument of the Renaissance with a curving tube and a double reed.

[German : krumm, crooked (from Middle High German krump, krum, from Old High German krump) + Horn, horn; see alpenhorn.]


(Instruments) a variant spelling of crumhorn
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Noun1.krummhorn - a Renaissance woodwind with a double reed and a curving tube (crooked horn)
double reed, double-reed instrument - a woodwind that has a pair of joined reeds that vibrate together
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I’ve a strong constitution, I must say that for myself, as is plain to be seen; for I’ve drunk the Onondaga water a hundred times, while I’ve been watching the deer- licks, when the fever-an’-agy seeds was to be seen in it as plain and as plenty as you can see the rattle snakes on old Crumhorn.
They also play cornett, saggbut, and curtal, flutes, recorders great and small, crumhorns, bagpipes, hurdy-gurdies, lute and cittern.
Mainly used for plenum performances were woodwind instruments with a piercing sound the shawm, crumhorns, the pommer and the rackett.
The musicians range from renaissance music specialists to a jazz percussionist and their instruments include gamba, archlute, baroque guitar, lute, cornetti, baroque oboe, rackett, rauschpfiefe and crumhorns.
Single- and double-reed instruments such as crumhorns and shawms made up another woodwind set.