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Two special polyurethane systems provide for a soft landing in the event of impact with the hood: the resulting engine hood is elastic, acting as a crumple zone to reduce the effects of impact.
If a collision with a pedestrian is detected, the trailing edge of the bonnet instantly pops-up to increase the crumple zone between bonnet and engine, reducing the severity of pedestrian injuries.
Apart from the popular ex-stock flat design SMI also produces Swallow Tail split curtains and crumple zone concertina types.
The car-plane was recently granted a weight exemption by the Federation Aviation Administration (FAA), allowing its maker Terrafugia, to add airbags, an energy absorbing crumple zone and a protective safety cage aimed at road safety.
A bumper is not just a bumper - it is an integral part of the crumple zone designed to minimise injuries in the event of a collision," a spokesman said:.
There is a crumple zone in the nose of the train that is designed to absorb a lot of the force of any impact and it appears that this is exactly what happened.
Modern cars with their airbags, crumple zone bodywork and anti-lock brakes are making drivers feel invincible.
Heading past glamour's crumple zone, Teller takes us to the crash site of the body beautiful.
Other safety features include the standard driver-side airbag, front crumple zone and side-door impact protection.
The passive safety systems market was launched during the late 1960s with the first seatbelts and crumple zone technologies.
The model is said to be the only vehicle to earn five stars in each government crash-test scenario because of having a petrol engine in the front crumple zone and an extremely low centre of gravity.
In this edition, we highlight The Crumple Zone, about a group of gay friends spending the holidays together, and Noel Coward's Easy Virtue, which tells of a woman who is haunted by her troubled past.