adj. Slang
Displaying liberal social attitudes and stereotypic behaviors: "There's a distinct crunchy-granola flavor to much of the area, with macrobiotic restaurants, earring vendors on the street" (Boston Magazine).
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If any state would be willing to increase tobacco taxes to fund more government-sponsored health insurance coverage for kids, you'd think it would be the crunchy-granola state of Oregon.
Unlike other more marginal, earnest, crunchy-granola billeting, this was a solid, upper-middle-class suburban house in a very straight neighborhood far from the homo-heights section of town.
For The Match, Hay worked daily for a month with four arresting performers, inventing a brilliantly eccentric dance for each: Wally Cardona's release sensibility is powered by Juilliard-trained technique; Mark Lorimer declaims like all eager poet with a mouthful of pebbles; Chrysa Parkinson twitches long, spidery limbs; and Ros Warby is a crunchy-granola seductress.