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 (kro͞os, krŭs)
n. pl. cru·ra (kro͝or′ə)
1. The section of the leg or hind limb between the knee and foot; shank.
a. A leglike part.
b. A body part consisting of elongated masses or diverging bands that resemble legs or roots.

[Latin crūs, crūr-, leg.]


(Anatomy) the plural of crus
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The diaphragmatic crura and retrocrural space: Normal imaging appearance, variants, and pathologic conditions.
It is a subtype of priapism limited to the crura of the penis.
In our patient reduction of hiatal hernia, gastric intussusception and closure of diaphragmatic crura was laparoscopically performed.
Tongue-in- groove technique as described by Kriedel is an effective method in straightening the deviated caudal septum, as it sandwiches the deviated caudal septum between the two medial crura for support.
Young women can get changes in the integrity of the pelvic floor, in what I would call the orgasmic matrix--the clitoral tissue, the body, the crura (or arms of the clitoris)--we want to examine and be reassured that her genital anatomy is normal and that there is no underlying pathology that could signal an underlying abnormal hormonal profile.
In type-IV the stapes crura are damaged as well and the graft is placed over the mobile stapes footplate while in type-V stapes footplate is fixed which is repaired.
Caption: Figure 2: Sagittal plane; diaphragmatic crura impinging the pancreas.
Median arcuate ligament (MAL) is a fibrous arch at T12 and L1 level that bridges the diaphragmatic crura on either side of the aortic hiatus.
It is formed by lower esophageal sphincter (LES), crura of diaphragm, and the phrenoesophageal ligaments.
The diaphragmatic crura encircle the distal esophagus in a sling-like fashion.
in villos abeunt vestes, in crura lacerti; fit lupus et veteris servat vestigia formae: canities eadem est, eadem violentia vultus, idem oculi lucent, eadem feritatis imago est.